PK mag is published by Good Reading Magazine. Other titles in their publishing stable include SpineOut, which is an online only magazine for young adults, and Good Reading: The magazine for book lovers, which is available in both print and online editions. 

Like to know more about PK?

PK mag is an e-zine for primary age kids. We publish their creative work from book reviews, poetry, short stories, artwork, photography or stories. If they’ve created something or been involved in creating something we’ll publish it for them!

Email us at info@pkmag.com.au for more information on how to subscribe.

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SpineOut, an online magazine for young adults.

For more information contact info@spineout.com.au

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Good Reading is a print and online magazine for book lovers.

It contains independent reviews, articles, book trivia and features books from all genres, from general fiction, crime, biographies and kids’ books.

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  1. I’m a children’s poet with several poems accepted and four already published by the NSW School Magazine. I’ve recently had a collection of 45 of my children’s poems published in paperback as “The Mystery Box: Playful poems for young readers.” I was wondering if one of your contributors would like to review it in PK mag? Monty Edwards, Rockingham, WA

Contact us if you like to know more about PK mag

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