Stop clownfishing around – the March-April issue of PK mag is out now!

As they say, keep your friends close and your anemones closer… The Clown Anemonefish stars in the March-April issue of PK mag! It’s one of the 100 fascinating animals from around the globe featured in Lonely Planet’s The Animal Book.

Also in this issue, author and professional netballer Maddy Proud speaks to us about her new book Grace on the Court, where Grace is trying to figure out the 3Bs: boys, boy bands and ball sports.

We have books about flying optometrists, fantastically great women of history, magical adventures and Nobel prize winners. Try out a science experiment, explore one school’s Red Room winning poetry forest installation, and indulge in our usual round of book reviews and creative works by our talented students. All this and more in this issue of PK mag!