Stop clownfishing around – the March-April issue of PK mag is out now!

As they say, keep your friends close and your anemones closer… The Clown Anemonefish stars in the March-April issue of PK mag! It’s one of the 100 fascinating animals from around the globe featured in Lonely Planet’s The Animal Book.

Also in this issue, author and professional netballer Maddy Proud speaks to us about her new book Grace on the Court, where Grace is trying to figure out the 3Bs: boys, boy bands and ball sports.

We have books about flying optometrists, fantastically great women of history, magical adventures and Nobel prize winners. Try out a science experiment, explore one school’s Red Room winning poetry forest installation, and indulge in our usual round of book reviews and creative works by our talented students. All this and more in this issue of PK mag!


Get your dose of magic from the November – December issue!

Nevermoor is taking readers and lovers of magic by storm. It’s a story about a cursed girl who goes on an epic adventure that’s been likened to Harry Potter. Find out about Nevermoor, Morrigan Crow and the Wundrous Society in PK!

There’s also a stack of brilliant student-written short stories about whale calves, elephants, mermaids and magical gardens, plus wonderful poetry. And don’t miss our fact file on the world’s ugliest fish…

All this and more in PK mag, including our usual round of book reviews!


PK mag’s March – April issue is out now!

In our latest issue we delve into the ultimate murder mystery in Black Cats and Butlers. Join Rose Raventhorpe on her investigation into why her butlers keep disappearing!

Once you’ve helped her discover the culprit, why don’t you check out famous cricketer David Warner’s latest additions to his Kaboom Kid book series. We asked David about his earliest cricketing memories and which of his characters he thinks he most closely resembles.

Indulge in our first round of book reviews, poetry, art, games and competitions for the year!

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PK mag September – October 16 is up and flying!

The September/October issue of PK mag imagines what creatures might look like in the future with a book called Mechanica. Check out mechanical dragonflies and electric birds, and get your students to imagine their own gear-driven wildlife!

You can also find loads of book reviews written by students, poetry about libraries and some great student-written short stories.

Also find out about pandas, drones and Nick’s Fabulous Footy Cards!

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Pk mag September / October 2016

Pk mag September / October 2016


PK mag May-June 15 is out

1_PK PDF May_June FinalWhere is that dastardly thief and his dog?

This issue we get out the magnifying glass and start doing some detective work! Find the inspector and the thief and his dog on every page.

Discover great detective reads, meet the very talented author and artist Sean E Avery, find out how the ear works and learn to draw bums!  There are games to play, things to learn and competitions to enter. It’s educational but lots of fun for teachers and students!

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